Citywire Special Report: Switzerland Top 50 Independent Asset Managers

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CdR's asset management team is delighted to be included in this report of Switzerland’s top 50 independent asset managers.

This special report by Citywire reveals Switzerland and Liechtenstein’s most influential independent asset managers. The objective of this report is to provide readers with a detailed overview of the market and an insight into the Swiss wealth management community.

Profile Question:

Which real assets sector has delivered the best performance over the past 12 months in your portfolio, and why do you think that is?  

Samy Al-Habal

Samy Al-Habal, partner CdR Capital SA:

Gold was a major positive contributor to the performance of CdR’s advisory portfolios in 2019. Heightened uncertainties around trade wars, political tensions and social unrest were all tailwinds for gold. The same can be said about new rounds of synchronised stimulus globally and major EM central banks increasing their gold reserves, citing its allure as an alternative store value. Over the longer term, we remain bullish and look to add to our positions on dips. We believe that—as government balance sheets soar and the printing of money accelerates—investors confidence in traditional safe havens, such as the US dollar and US Treasuries, will continue to erode, and gold stands to benefit.

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