Morgan Stanley (Geneva) team reunited at CdR Capital

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CdR Capital, a global private investment group with asset management and wealth management capabilities, is pleased to announce that Alvaro Mira Blanco, Samy Al-Habal, Sabrina Tazi-Riffi, Philippe Sikias and Caroline Burel have joined the team in Geneva, while Nour Tassabehji has joined in Dubai.

The new arrivals will strengthen CdR Capital’s footprint in the Middle East. The team will also allow the firm to diversify into European and Latin market sectors, including wealthy professionals from within the investment management and commodity trading communities.

Mira Blanco has joined from Bank Safra, while Al-Habal, Sikias, Tazi-Riffi and Burel have joined from UBS. The team will be reunited with their former colleague, Manon Duez, with whom they had previously worked together at Morgan Stanley in Geneva.

“Our goal remains to attract talented market-orientated professionals, who work directly with our clients to manage their wealth - luckily for us, one or two American banks closed their Geneva business as we started,” said Omar Ayache, co-founder and managing partner at CdR Capital in Geneva.

“We are delighted to welcome our new partners and colleagues. They bring us additional client depth as well as expertise in servicing clients with more active trading needs,” he added.

“As a boutique private investment business our key differentiator is the ability to make an asset allocation shift or specific investment opportunity quickly. Alvaro, Sabrina, Samy, Philippe, Nour and Caroline’s arrival enhances our ability to do that,” said Nicolas Salloum, partner at CdR Capital in Geneva.

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CdR Capital

CdR Capital was originally founded in 2012 by Omar Ayache and Steve Smith in Geneva as a private investment office with asset management and wealth management capabilities, serving a core group of large families and institutions. It also has offices in London and Dubai as well as a joint-venture with CdR Hollander, whose principal offices are in Miami.


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