CdR Carbon Offset Projects

CdR Capital is committed to offsetting our carbon emissions annually. When offsetting our carbon footprint, we are committed to only use carbon credits that are certified to an approved Gold Standard (as listed by The International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) or UK Environmental Reporting Guidelines). Our carbon offsetting projects can be seen below and they are also linked to our ongoing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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Our 2021 Projects

Cdr Gold Standard 2021 Betulia Hydroelectric Project In Honduras(BW)

Betulia Hydroelectric Project in Honduras

A lack of access to electrical energy is a major issue in the north region of the Republic of Honduras. This small run-of-river hydroelectric generating power plant is providing renewable energy to the national grid (displacing traditional fossil fueled power plants), whilst improving the quality of electricity for local communities in the department of Colon. Improved access to electricity also reduces the dependency on fuel wood, helping to relieve deforestation pressures in the local environment.

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Contributing to SDG’s

SDG Goal 7  SDG Goal 8  SDG Goal 13

Cdr Gold Standard 2021 100.5MW Wind Power Project In Madhya Pradesh India(BW)

100.5 MW Wind Power Project in Madhya Pradesh, India

This is a 100.5 MW wind power project located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, promoted by Orange Mamatkheda Wind Private Limited. The project consists of 67 WTGs of 1.5 MW each generating clean electricity with utilization of wind energy. The project has conducted an ESIA study in line with the IFC guidelines while engaging local community through frequent stakeholders’ consultation. It has played an important role in reducing CO2 emissions and will continue to contribute towards the economic growth of the area by generating 180 GWh of clean electricity annually, which is equivalent to powering 42,000 households every year. The project also leads to mitigation of 1.23 million tCO2e in carbon emissions in 7 years.

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Contributing to SDG’s

SDG Goal 3  SDG Goal 4  SDG Goal 7  SDG Goal 8  SDG Goal 13

Cdr Gold Standard 2021 Solar Cooking For Refugee Families In Chad(BW)

Solar Cooking for Refugee Families in Chad

Tens of thousands of refugees from Darfur are offered the chance to vastly improve their life by using the CooKit solar cookers. Having to venture outside of the camp to collect scarce firewood and the risk of being attacked or raped has been an everyday fear for women in the refugee camps in Eastern Chad, close to the Sudanese border.
We are providing them with the necessary material, knowledge and training to manufacture their own solar cooker and to prepare their meals using energy from the sun.
Since the start of the programme in 2005, 40.000 families in the refugee camps and the surrounding villages have been equipped with solar cookers made out of carton and aluminium foil that, when folded in a semi-parabolic form can be used to heat water and cook entire meals. Due to the omnipresence of sun in this region, the cooker can be used 330 days out of the year, thus almost completely eliminating the need for firewood.

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Contributing to SDG’s

SDG Goal 3  SDG Goal 5  SDG Goal 13  SDG Goal 15  SDG Goal 16

Our Past Projects

For 2019 and 2020
More efficient Cooking and Heating in China (SDGs 1, 8, 13)
Ursil Naj – Healthy Homes for all in Mexico (SDGs 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 15)
Buenos Aires Renewable Energy Project, Brazil (SDGs 7, 8, 13)

For 2018
Cleaner, Safer Water in Cambodia (SDGs 3, 6, 8, 13, 15)
Terraclear, Clean Water Access for Families in Laos (SDGs 3, 6, 8, 13, 15)
Qori Q’oncha Improved Cookstoves in Peru (SDGs 3, 13, 15)


Overall contributing to SDG's

SDG Goal 1  SDG Goal 3  SDG Goal 4  SDG Goal 6  SDG Goal 7  SDG Goal 8  SDG Goal 13  SDG Goal 15

Gold Standard SDG Impacts

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