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The Richter scale measures the magnitude of earthquakes. Imagine such a scale for political tyranny. What would it look like? If serious damage starts around 6, how would inflation, interest rates, excessive taxation, socialism and expropriation measure?

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More than a full year into the Covid era and much has changed. Forever? And if so, which should we be most concerned about? Damage to the constitution, education, employment, ex-Covid mortality, or the future high price of raw materials and civil liberty?

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Hopes for post-pandemic liberty are pinned on the efficacy of newly-created vaccines, produced at lightning speed thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence and biotechnology in the biggest straight-to-humans roll out of innovative medicine ever.

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Ring lights? A mitigation strategy for the pallor of holiday-deprived employees forced to share the kitchen table during Zoom meetings; the lucky ones. By the end of April 2020, 1.6 billion workers were in danger of having their livelihoods destroyed.

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Our lives are currently being ruled by statistics. Yet in March, we were as likely to die of Covid-19 by biking for seven miles across a large city or by being hit by an asteroid over a lifetime. What is all this fear doing to our minds and the markets?

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Cannabis stocks finally rallied after news of a Democratic win in the US elections. In a rapidly greening world, it is likely to be hemp, marijuana’s non-psychoactive cousin, which offers reasons to invest in this multipurpose weed.

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