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Extraordinary times have called for extraordinary measures. As the pandemic’s threat starts to recede, might governments keep their newfound emergency powers under the guise of winning the coronavirus war? In an age of non consent, say no at your peril.

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The excessiveness of 2021’s record-breaking heat dome temperatures and flood levels beg the question: has anthropogenic climate change reached tipping point? Can the world limit global warming with the energy transition or is net zero too little too late?

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Covering 71% of the earth's surface, oceans provide protein for 1bn+ people and millions of jobs; absorb the majority of climate’s heat and 25% of carbon emissions. With ocean assets valued at $24trn, why are investors not flocking to the blue economy?

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Despite the pandemic, the financial markets seem to be immune, with a number of assets and strategies posting stellar returns in 2020. With government debt and deficits growing globally, are these now speculative bubbles? And if so, when will they burst?

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The Richter scale measures the magnitude of earthquakes. Imagine such a scale for political tyranny. What would it look like? If serious damage starts around 6, how would inflation, interest rates, excessive taxation, socialism and expropriation measure?

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More than a full year into the Covid era and much has changed. Forever? And if so, which should we be most concerned about? Damage to the constitution, education, employment, ex-Covid mortality, or the future high price of raw materials and civil liberty?

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