Waxing or Waning?

“Brazil is very unpopular in Brazil” – Nelson Rodrigues

Consider the Portuguese word saudade. Delicious nostalgia and hope. Almost untranslatable because it relates to something that has not (and may never) happen. Five world cups, but beaten 7-1 by Germany in 2014. The most abundant nature in the world and a literacy rate of almost 92%, but nearly 25% of the population live below the poverty line. Try telling a Brazilian that their economy has promise. Will the new President change the destiny of Brazil?

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The XX Factor

Gender Equality

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women and girls,” – Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General

The UK’s current head of state celebrated 67 years on the throne. During that time, Communism has risen, fallen and then risen again. The Beatles have come and almost gone. And Britain is now the world’s 5th most economically powerful nation, with the Queen outlasting every other head of state. So, why is workplace inequality still even a subject?

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Human Impact

Apocalypse When?

Despite the Doomsday Clock hand remaining at two minutes to midnight for 2019, the imminent threats to humanity and the planet continue as world security enters a period of ‘new abnormal’. Most of the risks by likelihood and impact in the 2019 Global Risk Perception Survey are environmental, but weapons of mass destruction remain a risk in a world where fact is indistinguishable from fiction.

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Brexit’s Off

brexit image

Was Banksy’s wall premature?

“[Referendums are] a device of dictators and demagogues” – Margaret Thatcher, quoting Clement Attlee.

The story behind the wall on which Banksy painted the Brexit-inspired mural in Dover is almost as farcical as the bungled politics that got Britain to where it is today. In May 2016, our article imagined a world where the ‘Leavers’ won the Brexit referendum to point out what a truly terrible job Britain’s politicians were doing in leading a debate. Plus ça change?

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Economics of Happiness

“The greatest wealth is health” – Virgil

Two thousand years ago, Virgil made a very good point. Today, wellness—the quality or state of being healthy—is a significant creator of wealth. Funded by the stressed-out city-living executive and the youth-seeking ‘Silver Tsunami’, the wellness economy is now converging with the global health care industry, and, at a rate of 6.4%, the $4.2 trillion industry of wellness is growing faster than the global economy.

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Political Kryptonite

“Go you to France or Flanders, To any German province, Spain or Portugal, Nay, anywhere that not adheres to England: Why you must needs be strangers”.

In 1517, a group of writers including Shakespeare wrote a historical play where Sir Thomas More attempted to quell an anti-immigration riot with an impassioned defence of a compassionate refugee policy. Today, there are 68.5 million people displaced from their homes because of conflict, disaster and oppression, but immigration is political kryptonite.

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Impact of Insta Travel

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts” ― Mark Twain

Snap, crop, filter, geo-tag, share. Repeat. At more than 300 million Instagram posts, #travel is today’s postcard. It is hardly surprising therefore that millennials pick their travel destination according to ‘Instagram-ability’. But beyond the Clarendon filter, there is a darker side to those roads no longer less travelled to Insta-worthy places.

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Vive La France

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World Cup, What Next?

“The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane” – Marcus Aurelius

Allez Les Bleus! They won the world cup. Now, can Emmanuel Macron do for the country what Didier Deschamps has done for their soccer team?  If he can, he’ll be doing a favour for Europe and (possibly) for the rest of the world.

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The American Nightmare

“The success of a civilization is measured not just in its aesthetic achievements but also, and surely more importantly, in the duration and quality of life of its citizens” ― Niall Ferguson

There is irony in Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics for American Dream “There’s treasure for the taking, for any hard-working man”, especially if you consider the rising rates of mortality and obesity among America’s blue-collar workers. The cohort that helped to build modern America is in the throes of a ‘deaths of despair’ epidemic. Has the veil of the ‘American Dream’ dropped?

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Fair or flawed?

“It’s not the voting that’s democracy, it’s the counting” ― Tom Stoppard

The UK’s vote to exit the European Union and Donald Trump’s victory were not just signs of the demise of globalisation and the rise in populism; they were signals of a worsening ‘democratic recession’. In 2016, the US government got a democracy downgrade from ‘full democracy’ to ‘flawed democracy’. Today, only 4.5% of the world’s citizens live in fully functioning democracies, down from 8.9% in 2015. What are democracy’s flaws?

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